Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste

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Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste
Sodium Fluoride 0.22%w/w or 0.243% w/w, Triclosan 0.3%w/w

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Product indication:
Gingivitis and Caries. At home use for all patients, to help protect against plaque and gingivitis. In addition,Colgate Total Advanced fluoride content (1000ppmf or 1100ppmf) provides clinically proven protection against caries.
Product benefits:
Effective in reducing gingival inflammation compared to brushing with regular fluroride toothpaste; clinically proven to protect against caries. 1, 2
Mode of action:
Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste reduces gingival inflammation in 2 ways, 12 hour anti-bacterial protection against plaque and anti-inflammatory action
Active ingredient(s) and content of fluoride:
Formula of triclosan, a highly effective antibacterial agent, and Sodium Fluoride (1000ppmf or 1100ppmF).
Recommended dosage and usage:
Everyday toothpaste to be used twice daily.

1Garcia-Godoy F et al (1990) Am J Dent; 3 (Spec Issue): S15-26

2Rosling B et al (1997) J Clin Perio; 24: 873-880

3Panagakos FS et al (2005); J Clin Dent 16 (Suppl):S1-S20