Quest for Whiter Teeth – Issues to Consider for Dental Professionals


Tooth bleaching has become an integrated part of dental practice. The discovery of home‐use bleaching has revolutionized the treatment, making it readily available to the public.

Significant research efforts during the last two decades have resulted in various innovative products as well as new application technologies. There has been little dispute on the efficacy of tooth bleaching; with the accumulation of scientific data, the initial concerns with the safety have also largely dissipated. However, controversies on potential adverse effects associated with peroxides used for bleaching still exist, and there have been safety concerns with certainly bleaching materials and procedures, especially those done in non‐dental settings by individuals with no formal dental credentials.

his presentation will review briefly the history of tooth bleaching, provide updates on bleaching materials, methods and safety issues, and discuss roles of dental professionals in tooth bleaching to maximize its benefits while minimizing potential risks.