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Superior 12 hour protection against plaque for healthy teeth and gums. Fights gingivitis, cavities, tartar & plaque. Protects gums.

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    Colgate Total® is an everyday toothpaste with 12 hour anti-bacterial activity. Colgate Total® Toothpaste contains a combination of triclosan, an anti-bacterial agent, and copolymer. After the plaque has been disrupted through effective brushing, triclosan is retained on the tooth surface by the copolymer, where it can help prevent the plaque from reforming for up to 12 hours.

    • Clinically proven to provide a more effective level of plaque control compared to a regular fluoride toothpaste
    • Clinically proven to reduce existing levels of gingivitis
    • Contains Sodium Fluoride (1000ppm F to 1450ppm F) to protect against caries
    • The copolymer ensures the delivery and retention of triclosan on the surface of the teeth and gums.
    • Works for up to 12 hours to help prevent bacterial plaque formation.
    • Backed by the most extensive clinical research programme for a toothpaste - over 90 published clinical studies1.
    • Works to reduce gingival inflammation in 2 ways, 12 hour anti-bacterial protection and anti-inflammatory action
    • Up to 98% plaque reduction and up to 88% reduction in gingival bleeding1.
    • More plaque and gingivitis reduction than regular fluoride toothpaste*2.
    • Safe and effective
    • Provides long lasting antibacterial protection
    • Patient compliance


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    Product indication: Gingivitis and Caries. At home use for all patients, to help protect against plaque and gingivitis. In addition,Colgate Total Advanced fluoride content (1000ppmf or 1100ppmf) provides clinically proven protection against caries.

    Product benefits: Effective in reducing gingival inflammation compared to brushing with regular fluroride toothpaste; clinically proven to protect against caries. 1,2

    Mode of action: Effective in reducing gingival inflammation compared to brushing with regular fluroride toothpaste; clinically proven to protect against caries. 1,2

    Active ingredient(s) and content of fluoride: Formula of triclosan, a highly effective antibacterial agent, and Sodium Fluoride (1000 ppmF to 1450 ppmF).

    Recommended dosage and usage:Everyday toothpaste to be used twice daily.


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    Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste - Superior 12 hour protection for teeth and gums. Fights Gingivitis, cavities plaque & protects gums.

    Colgate Total Advanced has a clinically proven antibacterial formula. It works by removing the plaque bacteria on the surface of the teeth and gums. Its formula also helps prevent plaque bacteria reappearing for up to 12 hours by creating a protective barrier around your teeth and gums.

    With regular brushing, Colgate Total Advanced provides 12 key benefits:

    1. Prevents tooth cavities 
    2. Fights gingivitis 
    3. Removes plaque 
    4. Freshens breath 
    5. Removes stains 
    6. Prevents Tartar build up 
    7. Prevents plaque build up 
    8. Reduces gum inflammation 
    9. Reduces gum bleeding 
    10. Prevents exposed root cavities 
    11. Strengthens weak tooth enamel 
    12. Fights bacteria for 12 hours

    Colgate Total Advanced is recommended for children aged 6 years and above. For children under 6 years of age, Colgate recommends a specially formulated children's toothpaste, My First Colgate.


    Sodium Fluoride 0.22% w/w or 0.243w/w.
    Triclosan 0.3%w/w.


    Brush thoroughly at least twice a day or as directed by your dental professional. 
    No Colgate Toothpaste contains sugar. 
    Store below 30ºC. 
    Made in Thailand.

    • The unique formula of Colgate Total® toothpaste has an antibacterial system comprising 0.3% triclosan and 2% copolymer, as well as 1000-1450 ppm fluoride. Its copolymer ensures the effective delivery and retention of triclosan on oral hard and soft tissues, so that it keeps working between brushings to provide up to 12 hours of antibacterial protection. Colgate Total® is also clinically proven to reduce calculus build up and oral malodour.

    • Colgate Total® is unique because it is the only toothpaste formulated with 0.3% triclosan and 2% copolymer that prevents gum problems, in addition to fluoride for anti-caries efficacy. Colgate Total® toothpaste is clinically proven to work better than other toothpastes in controlling oral bacteria that form plaque and can lead to gum problems. Additionally, Colgate Total®, with its active ingredients triclosan and fluoride, has been approved as safe and effective by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) via its rigorous New Drug Application (NDA) process. This is the same process used by the FDA to approve prescription medications, and Colgate Total is the only toothpaste on the U.S. market that has undergone the FDA’s NDA review process. It is also the only toothpaste that is both approved by the FDA and accepted by the American Dental Association as safe and effective in helping to prevent gum problems.

    • The triclosan in Colgate Total® is a broad spectrum antibacterial ingredient effective at controlling the oral bacteria that cause gum problems. The copolymer is used in the formulation to ensure the effective delivery and retention of the triclosan on oral hard and soft tissues, and on plaque. This results in 12-hour antibacterial protection.

    • Prior to first marketing Colgate Total® in 1997, we submitted a New Drug Application (NDA) to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This was necessary because Colgate Total® contained a new combination of ingredients, made new product claims, and provided consumers with new benefits.FDA’s review successfully concluded with the approval of the NDA for Colgate Total® toothpaste, which means that the FDA determined that Colgate Total® was safe and effective for its intended use. The NDA for Colgate Total® was approved on 11 July, 1997.

    • Colgate Total® provides benefits against caries, plaque, and gum problems. In addition, it is effective in reducing supragingival calculus and oral malodour. You can recommend Colgate Total® with confidence to all your patients who are in need of gum protection. Note: Gingivitis is not prevalent in children under 6 years old. Therefore Colgate Total® has not been tested in this age group of consumers and is not recommended for children under 6 years of age.
      A thorough independent review was conducted and published by the Cochrane Oral Health Group on the oral health benefits of triclosan/copolymer, the active antibacterial system in Colgate Total® toothpaste. The Cochrane Review evaluated 30 studies dating from 1990 to 2012 and involving 14,835 participants (Riley & Lamont 2013). The resulting data highlighted the many clinical benefits of using a fluoride toothpaste containing triclosan/copolymer and concluded there was no evidence of any harmful effects associated with the use of triclosan/copolymer toothpastes in studies, some of which were up to three years in duration. Among other things, the Cochrane Review found that after six or more months of use, fluoride toothpaste containing triclosan/copolymer provided:
      • 22% reduction in plaque and other gum problems as compared with traditional fluoride toothpaste
      • 41% reduction in plaque severity as compared with traditional fluoride toothpaste
      For the full text of the Cochrane Review, visit

    • The efficacy and safety of Colgate Total® is supported by more than 90 clinical studies, involving over 20,000 people, and a broad set of safety evaluations. Our research has been shared with regulatory agencies around the world who have accepted triclosan’s safe and effective use in toothpaste.

    • Colgate Total® has a 2-year expiration date, the same shelf-life as other Colgate toothpastes. The 20g sample tubes of Colgate Total® have a shelf life of 18 months.

    • Colgate Total® is formulated with 0.22 – 0.32% sodium fluoride for anti-caries efficacy. This translates to 1000-1450 ppm (parts per million) of fluoride ion. The level is clearly shown on pack.

    • Colgate Total® is indicated as a daily use toothpaste. There is no contraindication against prolonged use. Colgate Total® should be used as directed for adults and children older than 6 years of age.

    • Yes, Colgate Total Advanced is everyday toothpaste, and can help maintain gingival health.


    • Patients should consult their doctor or physician.


    • As with any product, if you are pregnant or nursing, your medical professional is always the best source of advice on the use of consumer products.

    • Children under 6 years should not use Colgate Total® unless directed by a dentist or physician, as anti- gingivitis and anti-plaque effects have not been proven in children.