Learn about CJ’s Journey

Learn about CJ’s Journey

Discover the inspiring journey of William ‘CJ’ Carlson Jones and his pathway to leadership.

Tell us a little bit about your journey to date. 

I was born and raised in Adelaide, where I completed my Bachelor of Oral Health degree, and Graduate Certificate in Oral Health Science to expand my clinical scope to provide adult restorative services.  I then completed my Master of Business Administration remotely whilst working, where I spent much of my clinical time serving rural and remote regions with a public health focus. I took on my Colgate Advocate role in 2019 and have been a part of the group since.  In 2022, I took up a position as a Lecturer with the University of Sydney, after working for sometime as a clinical tutor at the University of Adelaide. I am currently enrolled in a PhD program with the University of Queensland while completing my Graduate Certificate in Higher Education at the University of Sydney.  My most recent appointment is the President of ADOHTA, which I am very proud to take on and lead. 

Who and what has inspired you throughout your career? 

For me, my association has played a major part in inspiring my career journey.  It has allowed me to network, be mentored and supported by peers, and has opened many doors for me professionally, through allowing me to gain unique skills and experiences. My journey all started as a student, I was the student representative whilst I was studying in my first year, and I have stayed on ever since. As a student I entered a competition and was the successful applicant receiving flights, accommodation and conference registration to the ADOHTA International Conference.  This  experience really inspired me, and  opened my eyes to the opportunities that my profession had to offer. Since then, I have taken on many roles within ADOHTA, all of which are voluntary, but have allowed me to give back to my profession and make tangible changes, and this inspires me. 

 What advice would you give  our peers who want to diversify in their careers ? 

Well, I think a great place to start is joining your association, and becoming an active member, you can always put your hand up to sit on a subcommittees or be part of an advisory group. Being a part of these  groups really allows you to gain new experiences and skills. 

I'd really encourage anyone; students and practitioners with diverse experiences to join, because it gives you access to a great network of others in the profession and beyond. Joining an association opens up your ability to connect with a lot of people that you otherwise would probably not come across in clinical practice, so lean into these opportunities.